Frequently Asked Questions

Should I employ an Architect?

No, as we provide a complete service we assign our own qualified architect to your project.

Do I need planning permission for my loft conversion?

Planning permission is only required in certain circumstances, the requirements changed in 2008 so many loft conversions do not require permission.

Do I need a party wall agreement?

A party wall agreement can be downloaded or provided by ourselves. Some neighbours may insist on having this. The costs must be met by yourselves.

If we have a bathroom in our loft conversion will we need to change our existing boiler?

Most heating systems can be adapted but in some cases the pressure can fluctuate, and other solutions can be considered such as Megaflos.

Will the build be noisy and disruptive to our daily life?

Loft conversions are less disruptive than most other residential developments. Most of the work is undertaken by accessing the property through the roof.

How long will the loft conversion take to complete?

This depends on the type of conversion. A velux conversion normally takes between 6 and 8 weeks depending on size, dormer conversions 8-10.

How are payments staged?

We provide a payment plan which ensures neither the company or the client are exposed during the project. The final payment of 10% is made when all the agreed work is complete and the customer is 100% happy.

If you have a question which isn’t answered above, then send us a message or contact us.