The Complete Guide to Garage Conversions

The Complete Guide to Garage Conversions

Garages can provide a convenient way to store a car, but they are often neglected and left to gather dust or used as a glorified storage cupboard. To utilise them to their fullest potential, a garage conversion is a great choice – but the process can seem daunting if you don’t know what it entails.

We can help with that. With over a decade of experience providing garage and loft conversions in Bristol, we at Turner’s Lofts have put together a guide containing everything you need to get started – covering planning permission, associated costs, and the potential value that your home could gain.

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Do You Need Planning Permission for a Garage Conversion?

Most garage conversions don’t require planning permission. This is because the majority of the work involved is typically internal, and therefore won’t affect other people living nearby.

However, this isn’t always the case. For example, converting your garage into a separate residence will invariably require planning permission, as will almost any changes to a listed property.

Make sure you properly understand the requirements involved by speaking with your Local Planning Authority. Alternatively, support can be provided by the expert team at Turner’s Lofts.

As we’ve mentioned, internal work doesn’t usually require planning permission – but what about external? This depends on the scope of the work involved, but it is more likely to end up requiring some form of permission than work done inside your property.

At Turner’s Lofts, we offer a range of conversion services for both internal and external improvements and have the necessary expertise to guide you through the relevant regulations surrounding your garage conversion’s specification.

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Other Factors to Consider

Planning permission is not the only limiting factor that should be considered when thinking about a garage conversion. Other factors that can affect whether your garage can be suitably converted to your requirements are:

  • Access location – where on the building is it located?
  • Insulation & heating
  • Utilities – does your garage already have electrics?
  • Size – is it large enough to suit your means?

While many of these problems can be easily solved, some of them can lead to increased costs for the initial construction; make sure you understand exactly what costs will be involved before you make your decision.


How Much Will a Garage Conversion Cost?

There is no predetermined cost for a garage conversion. However, we have highlighted some of the most common procedures involved in converting a garage that can lead to changes in the final price.

Plumbing & Electricity. Utilities require specialist work on the structure to make sure they meet regulations and are implemented properly, so this can factor in if your garage conversion includes a bathroom or significant changes in electrical requirements.

Insulation. Adding insulation to your garage is a great way to save on energy costs and increase the comfort of your conversion, but the type you choose can increase the upfront payment for the build.

Architect Fees. Getting an external architect to design your build can be pricey, but with Turner’s Lofts this service is included. Read our FAQs to find out more!

Planning Permission. If your garage conversion requires planning permission, this can lead to additional costs in the form of administrative fees to your local council.

Construction. Additional steps involved in the construction process such as holes for windows and doors, walls being knocked down, or the implementation of flooring, can have a significant effect.

There are many other factors that can impact the cost of your conversion, from the quality of the materials to the quantity of windows and their level of glazing. Find out how much your garage conversion could cost with a free assessment from Turner’s Lofts.

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Will a Garage Conversion Add Value to Your Home?

While having a regular garage can be an asset for your house, there are many prospective buyers that won’t end up making use of it. Road parking, driveways, public transport – there are many ways to park cars or travel that don’t need to use up an entire part of your house.

Converting your garage into a liveable space is a great way to capitalise on these buyers. Up to 20% of your home’s base value could be added, so it is a great addition to any house.

The exact value of a garage conversion depends on its use – something liveable, especially if it includes a bathroom, will offer the highest increase. That’s not to say other options are bad, however; there are many reasons such as location, planning permissions, and construction costs that can determine which type of garage conversion is best for your home.

Benefits of a Garage Conversion

Along with adding value to your home in a monetary sense, there are lots of other benefits to converting your unused garage. Depending on the purpose you fit it out for, these can include:

  • An extra liveable room such as a bedroom.
  • Relaxation in a separate personal space.
  • Extra space in an existing room.
  • A quiet, secure location to exercise.

This list is not exhaustive – the possibilities for benefits from a garage conversion are nearly limitless. Choosing a good conversion specialist with the appropriate guidance, assessments, and expertise is the place to start.


Garage & Loft Conversions in Bristol from Turner’s Lofts

With so many choices and benefits for garage conversions, now is a great time to start taking advantage of them. We offer conversions for spaces of any specification with a range of additional services that include single-/double-story extensions and roofing projects.

Start benefitting from a garage or loft conversion today! Get in touch to find out more information or get a free assessment, check out our extensive selection of previous projects if you’re still not convinced, or read on with some related articles!

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