The Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof Dormer Loft Conversion

The Pros and Cons of a Flat Roof Dormer Loft Conversion

There are a number of features to consider during a loft conversion,  to increase the benefits to the occupants inside. These can include insulation, carpeting, electrical lighting, and even improving natural light. To achieve this, one popular and effective method is implementing a dormer window.

At Turner’s Lofts, we provide expert insight and advice on loft and garage conversions. In this article we’ll discuss what a dormer window is, what it could mean for your loft conversion, and offer alternatives in case it isn’t the right fit for you.

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What is a Loft Conversion Dormer Window?

A dormer window is a protruding section that emerges from the roof of a loft or attic conversion. They provide additional ceiling space, converting otherwise sheer ceilings into a liveable and walkable area.

As they don’t typically have straight walls, adding natural lighting and windows to your loft conversion project can be difficult. A dormer window is an effective way to achieve this, essentially adding in straight walls so a window can be included.

When planning your loft conversion, it is important to keep features like dormer windows in mind and plan accordingly should you wish to include them. This is because they require measures to install, and considering these before your project is finished will keep things running smoothly.

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The Benefits of a Loft Conversion Dormer Window

So, why include a dormer window in your loft conversion? Finding out the benefits of a dormer window, along with comparing them to different options available, will give you insight into what is best for your individual project.

We’ve put together a list of the top three pros of adding a dormer window to your loft conversion, including increasing your living space, improving ventilation and lighting, and adding extra value to your project.

1.     Increase Your Living Space

A dormer window protrudes from the side of your loft conversion’s roof, giving extra space on the inside when compared to a slanted ceiling. This provides tenants and residents with a larger area to walk around, place things like desks or tables, and make the most of a higher ceiling space.

This increase in space doesn’t come with changes in the floorplan size, making it an efficient option to consider when planning out your loft conversion.

2.     Improve Ventilation and Lighting

Having windows is an invaluable way to improve the lighting and ventilation of your loft conversion. They are one of the few ways to introduce natural light to such a space, allowing you to cut electricity costs for lighting and enjoy more wholesome sunlight.

Dormer windows also provide a great source of ventilation, allowing you to control the amount of heat and the air quality manually and directly in your loft conversion.

Depending on the direction you face your windows, you can also achieve a different level of light.

North-facing dormer windows won’t receive direct sunlight, meaning you can introduce controlled quantities of natural light to your loft conversion. South-facing dormer windows will receive more direct light, leading to larger amounts of warm sunlight throughout the day.

3.     Cost and Value

Adding a dormer window to your loft conversion will result in a sizeable increase in the value of your property. They are harder to add later in your project due to infrastructure that will already be in place, so getting them in early can cut costs while offering many additional benefits.

The other benefits on this list contribute to the value of your loft conversion dormer window, making it a great choice to increase the profit of your project and the comfort levels in your loft’s living space.

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Alternatives to Dormer Windows for Loft Conversions

While a dormer window does come with a number of significant benefits to the wellbeing of your loft conversion’s occupants and the value of the property, it isn’t the be-and-end-all of window options.

A dormer window conversion does require some amount of construction work and planning, and also changes the silhouette of the building, which may lead you to seeking other options.

Velux Windows

A Velux window is a brand of automatic windows commonly used in roofs and loft conversions. There are a few different forms of Velux window such as top hung or centre pivot – the type you choose depends on your preference and needs.

A Velux window can come with a number of additional benefits and features like enhanced insulation, natural ventilation, and solar power – meaning they don’t cost you electricity to operate. They are usually remote controlled, with other sensors and automatic features, making them a convenient option to install in your loft conversion.


Although similar to Velux windows, more traditional skylights can also be a great option for your loft conversion. Typically larger than a standard Velux, a skylight provides a large amount of light to any room they’re added to.

There are a few different types of skylights available, including dome skylights, slanted openable windows, and static skylights, each with their own benefits and use-cases to consider.

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Loft Conversion Dormer Windows in Bristol and the South West

A dormer window is a cost-effective and beneficial feature to implement into your next loft conversion. Whether you’re after the unique advantages of a dormer window like increased liveable space, or want to use a different kind of window, we’ve got you covered.

Get in touch with the team at Turner’s Lofts for information, advice, and support on introducing a dormer window to your loft conversion project. Check out our case studies to see our services in action or read on with some related articles.

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